Tonye Aganaba at The Belmont

The Belmont presents…

Join us Friday December 19th at the Belmont and listen to the sounds of Tonye Aganaba. Show starts at 8pm.

Try our new menu alongside some great cocktails. Don’t forget we have wine and beer on tap. Be sure to stay late for Special Guest DJ Kenya.

Tonye Aganaba considers herself a citizen of the universe, undefined by geographical, cultural or stylistic boundaries. It’s a distinction that suits her well, for a woman who has lived and performed all around the globe.

Tonye's infectious spirit and lush voice ooze with the undeniable essence of love, tenderness and togetherness, the very spirit which infects her favourite albums from childhood. As her family moved from one small town to the next, it was artists like Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston who were her steadfast friends. They not only taught her how to sing and to move, but how to live creatively, and how to express herself honestly through the universal language of music.

Friday, December 19th – 5:00PM-3:00AM
Tonye Aganaba at The Belmont

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